The Dressmaker

Based on the best-selling novel by Rosalie Ham, THE DRESSMAKER is a bittersweet, comedy-drama set in early 1950s Australia. Tilly Dunnage (KATE WINSLET), a beautiful and talented misfit, after many years working as a dressmaker in exclusive Parisian fashion houses, returns home to the tiny middle-of-nowhere town of Dungatar to right the wrongs of the past. Not only does she reconcile with her ailing, eccentric mother Molly (JUDY DAVIS) and unexpectedly falls in love with the pure-hearted Teddy (LIAM HEMSWORTH), but armed with her sewing machine and incredible sense of style, she transforms the women of the town and in doing so gets sweet revenge on those who did her wrong.
Jocelyn Moorhouse
Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Liam Hemsworth, Hugo Weaving
Jocelyn Moorhouse
Screening Date: 
Sep 17, 2016
Amazon Studios & Broad Green Pictures, Universal Studios
Running Time: 
118 min.
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“Australian revenge farce with a wonderful cast and acting. If this is your cup of tea, you will love it. Judy Davis steals the show.”
“Way too weird for me.”
“The DRESSMAKER is one of the best films of the 20th century. Where else can you turn to find the new cowboy in town is Kate Winslet armed with a Singer sewing machine and golf balls.”
“Reminds me of living in the backwoods of Louisiana in the mid 60’s. Found a good dressmaker and one by one had her make for me Vogue patterns in fine fabrics that I knew I could use back in NY. Certainly nothing seen or useful in the bayous. Still have those garments.”
“A fun romp with some serious overtones. Save us from small towns! What amazing costumes worth the trip.”
“This movie was so good on many levels.”
“Well it’s an estrogen revenge movie but heck why not?”
“Wow! Really good.”
“A delicious mixture of humor, revenge, retributions and search for answers. What a delightful romp. Those costumes! Wow! Brilliant! It’s rare to find such a serous exploration of human motives and behaviors interlaced with well timed and placed moments of hilarity. The contrasts were spot on. Hugo Weaving was just the right touch. Kate Winslet was masterful as always portraying emotions. Judy Davis was marvelous. Liam Hemsworth is not just a pretty face and a great body. He did well in this role. Everyone else was so good! Thanks for getting this for us.”
“This is modern filmmaking at its best. It defies genres, uses stereotypes as a launching pad for new character perspectives, mixes tones and tempos of classic films with new approaches and techniques. Hollywood, are you watching?”
“What a treat! Brilliant direction, amazing. Revenge a dish best served cold unfolds deliciously. The contrast of the costumes in the stark outback are stunning! Love the moments of golf! Loved the cross dressing policeman, the humor and also the relationships and Millie and Tillie. The look of High Noon EL TOPO and Spaghetti Westerns by Sergio Leone. Best throw away line - Billy Holiday music to hang yourself by.”
“Artistic, sensational and emotionally grabbing. Death is hard to take but makes it more poignant.”
“Loved it!”
“The best! A fairy tale for adults. Wonderful film.”
“Rollercoaster of emotions! Suspense! Very empowering for women.”
“This movie grabbed me from the opening shots and never let go. Fabulous in every excellent sense of the word.”
“I’d like a piece of the cake.”
“Academy award performances by Kate Winslet and Judy Davis, but especially Judy Davis who is brilliant.”