A Monster Calls

The monster does not come walking often. This time it comes to Connor, and it asks for the one thing Connor cannot bring himself to do. Tell the truth. This is a very touching story about a boy who feels very damaged, guilty and mostly angry. He struggles at school with bullies, and pity looks from everyone, and at home with his mother's sickness. Will Connor overcome his problems? Will everything be okay? Will Connor be able to speak the truth?
J.A. Bayona
Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Lewis MacDougall
Patrick Ness
Screening Date: 
Dec 10, 2016
Apaches Entertainment
Running Time: 
108 min
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
42.1% 26.3% 15.8% 10.5% 5.3%
“A real tearjerker.”
“Beautifully told life lesson story. Very creative. The young actor was fabulous. I think it will get an Oscar nomination. Liam Neeson is a wonderful monster.”
“I loved everything about this film except the awful pop song over the closing credits. The animation was gorgeous. Such a wonderful uses of watercolors especially a paint medium that is all about movement of pigment on the paper. A terrific pairing with the cgi of the monster itself.”
“I found this film, story and screenplay so over the top. A whole lot of CGI drama with artsy psychological conceit in the name of some truth about how children deal with loss and parent’s death, but it was more about the art of the tale that’s relatable and truer to life. This is not a movie kids will want to see.”
“Content was too hard to take. Conor was an amazing actor.”
“Very good film. Enjoyed it very much. The actors were great.”
“A very creative take on what a child goes through experiencing divorce and death. A cautious tale.”
“One of the worst films I’ve ever seen.”
“Astounding! I want to see it again to enjoy the stories within the stories, and appreciate the ending scenes of the mother’s artwork.”
“Beautifully depicted way to live through loss.”
“Yes, very reminiscent of PAN’S LABYRINTH but that film had so much more mystery and significance, and the effects were insupport of the tale, not overpowering the tale.”
“An excellent script exploration of a child’s perception of the pain and anger of the personal hell of a child of divorce and cancer.”
“Not my kind of flick.”
“What a ride! Loved the effects, loved the stories within the story, although they speak more of the nature of children’s stories than specific psychological manifestations of grief.”
“So sorry, I love Sigourney Weaver, but she was not right for the part.”
“Beautifully done! Lewis MacDougall was so good. Visually stunning, I loved the watercolors. Excellent screenplay. A depiction of a complex emotional journey through a child’s mind dealing with a parent’s death. Realistically and sensitively handled. Thanks for getting this for us.”
“A young boy faces his mother’s terminal illness and his imagination takes over. Gripping and touching, left a tear in every eye, but ends on a sweet note. Special effects reminiscent of PAN’S LABYRITH.”
“Understandable why Conor has emotional problems. Divorce, dealing with his mother’s terminal illness, and then the bullies. A bit overdone perhaps?”
“Brilliant use of CGI effects that depict a boy’s inability to deal with grief and loss, even coming to grips with the fact that he is indeed grieving.”