About Us

The Saturday Morning Film Festival is a production of Media Educators Association. For over 45 years MEA - the original screening discussion group in New York City - has been a not-for-profit organization established to foster a better understanding of the power of films and media in society today.

That knowledge is brought back to the classroom where 145+ teachers teaching an average of five classes a day reach tens of thousands of New York City prime movie-going students. And each teacher often discusses MEA’s films with an average of 50 or more fellow teachers in the faculty lunchroom, - other teachers who regularly attend films and/or are eager to assign films to their students.

In addition to the Saturday Morning Film Festival MEA is the contributing associate producer of the SIRIUS/XM satellite radio show Let's Consider The Source hosted by Bob Mann, which examines the influence of the mass media on public policy, culture, and society with a penetrating look at media behavior and how the judgment of a few influence the perceptions of many. LCTS airs on the Sirius XM channel “Insight” Saturdays at 5PM Eastern/2PM Pacific and Sundays at 11AM Eastern/8AM  Pacific on channel 121.