From the director of the groundbreaking film Food, Inc., and the executive producer of the Oscar-nominated film Last Days in Vietnam, comes Command and Control, the long-hidden story of a deadly accident at a Titan II missile complex in Damascus, Arkansas in 1980. Based on the critically-acclaimed book by Eric Schlosser, the chilling new documentary exposes the terrifying truth about the management of America’s nuclear arsenal and shows what can happen when the weapons built to protect us threaten to destroy us.
Robert Kenner
Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser.
Screening Date: 
Sep 10, 2016
American Experience Films
Running Time: 
92 minutes
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“Thank you for this excellent film which brings this frightening subject to the attention of the public. It is also frightening to know how much information our government withholds from the public.”
“I am unfamiliar with the subject matter. The movie was fascinating and revealing. Hard for me to really judge it.”
“The movie was sad and frightening.”
“Wow, ignorance really is bliss. I never knew how close we came to being vaporized. Actually being vaporized would be the end “devoutly to be wished” considering the slow agonizing death of radiation poisoning.”
“Eisenhower’s warnings of the rise of the military-industrial complex were clearly ignored by politicians eager for power and corporations looking to make a buck – the american public be damned.”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Why I come here is to experience stories and guests that affect me, and no film has scared me more than this brilliant revelation of a disaster of unimaginable proportions.”
“Truly important to see. The military’s attitude is no surprise - deny, deny. An obvious cover up. Although Powell’s mistake caused the accident it is clear the effect his actions took a great toll on his psychic state for his whole life. Thank you for creating this film. Question though in light of other countries having nuclear weapons we can’t not have weapons of our own, can we? What will happen when North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, India, Russia, etc. have accidents? Who is overseeing NASA’s control centers?”
“Who do we believe? Does anyone tell us the truth? Who knew? What else don’t we know?”
“When you think about it no film has more of a frightening message than whata this film tells us. FOOD, Inc. tell us about our health, Michael Moore tells us we could do things better. This film blows them all away (no pun intended) by telling us how close we came to literally a hell on earth.”
“Well done, especially the interviews. Very respectful of those who were there.”
“I was around for ‘duck and cover.’ What a ludicrous message from our military. It seems the misdirection, misinformation and outright lying continues from our leaders.”
“An amazing revelation of how we don’t know about how close we came to a nuclear disaster. Eric Schlosser’s investigation is a must read and a must see.”
“This is an amazing and very important film. Though Schlosser is very modest about his contribution, he too is a kind of hero.”
“Once again, great guest.”
“Very scary!”
“But many will probably not want to see it.”
“Eric Schlosser was the perfect guest, informative, friendly, sincere and what a story he has to tell. I cannot wait for his depiction and onservations on our prison system, something Michaek Moore touched on in WHERE TO INVADE NEXT, but I want to see what Schlosser and Kenner will offer.”
“Nearly forgotten story of an explosion at a Titan Silo in 1980’s. Documentary tells the story of a high level of detail and makes it compelling and personal. Almost every figure involved appears on camera. The soundtrack did not add to the production. It impacted a bit of reality TV to an otherwise excellent production.”
“A real tale of horror. Powerful movie. Every adult needs to see and discuss this amazing movie. Today’s so-called horror films can’t hold a candle to this frightening documentary. A fantastic presentation.”
“Hardly a surprise.”

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